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If You’re Serious About Growing Your Business Online, You’ve Got to Read This!

Tired of paying for print ads but not knowing if it’s actually working or not?

Tired of likes and shares on social media that doesn’t generate new business?

Tired of marketing agencies promising the world but delivering nothing?

Then we have a solution for you.


Here’s What We Do

We laser-target your ideal clients and turn them into solid leads that want to work with your business.

Getting a lead is one thing – but getting a lead that’s already looking for a business just like yours is the lead we’re looking for.

Our internet marketing formula targets specific people who show an interest in services or products that your business offers.

We then show them ads to progressively make them KNOW YOU, LIKE YOU, and TRUST YOU.


Because every buying decision is based almost entirely on trust.

The one big mistake so many businesses make is trying to sell to prospects right off the bat. If a person has never heard of your business before, what makes you think they’ll immediately pay for your products or services?

We build campaigns to establish trust and authority around your brand. So when it’s time to make an offer to prospects, they’re going to be more responsive as they’ve been taken from a position of not knowing you at all, to where they now KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST YOU.

At this stage they are more likely to buy, repeat buy, and refer your business to others.


Relying Only On Referrals Can Be Risky Business!

You have a great business, loyal customers, and a network that sometimes sends you leads.

But for how long can you depend on referrals alone?

For growth-hungry business owners, the problem with referrals is simple: they’re wildly unpredictable.

If your business gets ten referrals this month there’s no way to guarantee that you will get ten or more the next.

But on the other hand – having a steady stream of leads coming in on your terms, under your control, and tailored to your business needs puts you in control of scaling and projecting for future growth.

How many leads you get – and how many you’d like to get – should be all up to you.

Huge Opportunity!

Thanks to technology, we can create our own video ads and show them to anyone we’d like. Previously, video ads like those on TV were VERY EXPENSIVE – and it only made sense for big corporate companies.

The difference today is that everyone carries a little TV in their pocket: their CELLPHONE.

We can send ads direct to your ideal clients on their cellphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. What’s more, we can track the ultimate impact of those ads on your revenue and bottom line.

(On the contrary, TV ads are hit and hope approach. They can’t really track who has viewed an ad and have no idea what action a person takes after seeing it.)

In South Africa, the internet is a business-growth-goldmine that’s largely untapped.

The time to act is NOW!

The Proof is in the Numbers

Our goal is to drive meaningful revenue growth for your business, which is why we choose functional, reliable marketing over verbose design.

Remember — We Have Everything Going in Our Favour, We Just Need to Capitalize on it.


We’re Here to Help!

If you’d like to see how we’d help increase your leads and sales, book your free 30-minute consultation with our digital marketing specialist.

We’ll go over your current online marketing efforts and suggest actionable steps to make them work better.

It’s completely free with zero obligation.

Why are we Doing This?

We love helping others succeed online.

And because we know what we’re doing we’re pretty sure that once you hear our suggestions, you’re more than likely to hire us for your online marketing.

Since it’s an obligation-free consult, you’re welcome to take our advice and implement it yourself. No hard feelings.


Who Do We Work With

Our offer is for businesses in South Africa who have been online for more than a year and have a budget of at least R1500.00 per month.


Take the First Step

If your business is ready for sales growth, we’re ready to hear from you.
To get started, click here to setup a free meeting , or click here to contact us directly.

Don’t settle for less

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