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If you are Serious about Growing Your Business Online, You got to Read This!

Are you Tired of Running Print Advertising but not Knowing if it is Actually Working or Not?

Are you Tired of Marketing Agencies Promising the World but Delivering Nothing?

Then we have a solution for you.


Here’s What We Do

We target people that don’t know your business exists and and turn them into solid leads for your business.

Getting a lead is one thing but getting a lead that is already looking for a service like yours is a lead that is more likely to turn into a paying loyal customer.

We use social media to target your potential customers and show them ads that will make them KNOW YOU , LIKE YOU and TRUST YOU, every buying decision is based on trust, the one big mistake we see so many customers make, they immediately try to sell to potential customers, if a person has never heard of you before, what makes you think that they will immediately buy the services you are offering?

We build out campaigns that build trust so that when we are ready to make an offer to them they are going to be more responsive because we have taken them from a position of not having heard of us at all to a position now where they KNOW US , LIKE US and TRUST US.

Now they are more likely to buy from us, repeat buy from us and refer us.


We Want to Help You!

Let’s setup a time to talk (around half an hour or so) and go over your current online marketing efforts and see how we can make them work better.

Let us find out what you want to accomplish and go over what you already doing and give you actionable suggestions to make them work better.
Did I mention it is a FREE consultation!


Why are we Doing This?

It’s pretty simple we love to help others to succeed online and because we know what we are doing we are pretty sure that once you hear our suggestions you are more than likely to hire us to help you with your online advertising.

Remember it is an obligation free consultation so you can choose to just take our advise and implement it yourself.


Who’s this offer for?

This offer is for service based businesses who have been online for more than a year and have a budget of at least R1000.00 per month.


What’s Next

If this sounds like something that can benefit your business, scroll down and pick a time to setup a meeting, or alternatively contact us directly.

Don’t settle for less

We Help Them To Grow Online!

Kay One Industries
Venetian Blind Centre
Trans Natal Auto Lot
Deluxe Fabrics

Get In Touch.

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(+27) 82 720 7867